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Laetitia Cash received her first BA (Hons) degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art and went on to attain an LLB (Law) from University of Oxford. Having completed the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) at Inns of Court School of Law she was called to the Bar at Inner Temple in October 2009. She has been awarded an LLM in International Commercial Law with specialization in International Energy Litigation with a classification of Commendation from City Law School in December 2014.

Over the past two years she has acquired credits in US law and did a stint in the Air Quality and Climate Change practice of Katten Muchin and Rosenman LLP in their San Francisco Bay Area office. In 2016 Laetitia also joined eco-filmmaker, Leila Conners, as a co-executive producer on her new natural rights and extractive industries documentary ‘We The People: 2.0’ and co-hosted its launch here in London.

Alongside being a non-practicing barrister, Laetitia has been a freelance writer for over 20 years for a range of publications including Harpers Bazaar, Frank, W, The Sunday Times, Above Magazine (Editor-At-Large) and more recently writes for Spear’s Wealth Management Magazine.

From 1998 – 2000, Laetitia worked for The Council on Foreign Relations in New York and later for the international law firm Wilmerhale LLP in London. In May 2005 she stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in Manchester for the Conservative Party but in the last 15 years concentrated solely on her legal career and environmental and climate mitigation advocacy.

Laetitia founded the online platform, Emerald Tablet, in order to bring together under one roof the world’s most effective and inspiring environmentally enlightened thought leaders, entrepreneurs, campaigners, pioneers and philanthropists who have chosen to dedicate their talent, time and resources to a clean energy economy, conservation, environmental protection and climate mitigation projects, initiatives and policy globally.

A lifelong environmentalist, Laetitia joined Greenpeace as a young fundraiser and campaigner aged seven motivated to protect ocean wildlife, in particular sea lions, dolphins and whales.

She is also an amateur filmmaker and as a long term friend of NGO’s, foundations and individual conservationists and eco-entrepreneurs, sometimes advises on and co-hosts events including WWF UK, Stanley Johnson for UNEP, Formula E, Tree Media and Conservacion Patagonia.

Having made a 15 minute documentary film entitled ‘Journey To The Future Patagonia National Park’ in 2012 with the late founder of The NorthFace American adventurer, deep ecologist and philanthropist, Douglas Tompkins, Laetitia was later invited by his family to show her film at his memorial in San Francisco in January 2016.

In 2013 Laetitia joined Europe’s leading environmental and climate litigation NGO - Client Earth - as an advisory board member. In 2016 she joined forces with Optimise Global Partners Capital which is based in Mayfair (London), as a strategic advisor on "clean disruption" investment opportunities alongside the potentially accompanying environmental, health and safety focused regulatory regimes.

In response to Brexit she is establishing an international SuperPac investment and disruption invitation only members network platform in alignment with the UNFCC’s 'ultimate objective’ of remaining within 2C.

Laetitia has two daughters aged 17 and 12 and lives in London.

If you wish to contact me my email address is:

A New Decarbonization and Disruption and Finance Network

By selecting thought leaders, government officials, engineers, economists, lawyers, academics, ecologists and entrepreneurs and other pioneers from the alternative space, this platform’s goal is to accelerate the transition from a high carbon economy to a truly sustainable one.

Using a sector-by-sector (industry readiness) approach towards the general goal of resource efficiency, this new platform starts with innovation and clean technology investment opportunities focused on the de-carbonisation and democratisation of the electricity sectors (including grid sharing), power generation and storage, urban mobility and transportation along with its accompanying infrastructure and adaptation. Clearly interconnected, this first vertical will additionally focus on clean disruption of real estate, construction and buildings.

Experts invited onto the platform to become members will include those dedicated to climate mitigation, clean air/water, utility democratisation, ESG, international sustainability standards, green best practices and best performers utilizing Green Public Procurement and Public Private Partnerships, transatlantic trade and the most effective sustainable investment incentive regimes.

The only investor members to be invited will be focused on sustainable investment strategies from small startups to large scale sponsors and especially those driving innovative and disruptive business and financing models for consumers, corporates and multinationals alike.

As this initially focused clean-tech and energy disruption network seeks a comprehensively sustainable economy, the platform will also offer a cross section of "verticals" offering sustainability expertise, information exchange and new investment opportunities across the following sectors; finance, agriculture, healthcare, retail, media, news and entertainment and education.

In alignment with Paris and the latest COP agreements, this SuperPac’s Shared Mission is a predominantly transatlantic collaboration drawing on already well established family office hubs, foundations and NGO's and institutional funds distinctive by virtue of their progressive and planetary boundary conscientiousness. Through one of its most valued members, the platform will provide investors, project stakeholders and policy makers alike with projected economic forecasts based on adoption "S" curve trends. Such a resource will not only raise awareness of the potentially catastrophic consequences of investing too late, but present the visionary investment opportunities that should not be missed. Therefore the investors invited onto this network will tend to be those with a less risk avoidant and short sighted profile who seek greater exposure to the best founders, projects and companies likely to successfully disrupt the market in the near future.

To support such investors, this SuperPac platform will hand select and streamline the best aligned projects and companies to each family office's focused areas. It will also ensure to minimize risk via precision information placement by the world's leading experts in these frontier areas. From the founders and entrepreneurs perspective, the network will simultaneously provide unprecedented access to a wider circle of sustainably minded investors who share a common goal to continue financing the momentum of those disrupters already winning.

Simply put, this network will match the smart money with the smartest disrupter's own visions, policy primers, projects and companies dedicated to a new vision of a sustainable economy based on decarbonisation and democratisation. It will also be able to execute and deliver all relevant corporate transactional services and necessary trading facilities under a FCA authorised and registered entity.

From a global regulatory point of view, the SuperPac network is also aimed at demonstrating how new measurement, monitoring and enforcement tools and common methodologies, across all levels of government, can be more effectively utilised by the world's worst emitters; China, US, EU, India and Russia. Such a harmonization of standards will help create a greater level playing field across the international community, moving beyond statehood to meet the more pressing priority of the global citizen's carbon challenge.

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